Frequently Asked Questions

Learn All You Need To Know About Our Affordable Dance Classes Kalispell

  • How does your payment plan work?

    • Tuition is due the first week of every month unless the season is paid up front. We accept cash, checks, and cards.

  • Can I observe my child’s dance lessons?

    • We allow parent to watch the first class of each month. Having the child’s full attention in class is important to keep them and their classmates focused. There is a lobby/ waiting area where parents can wait or they can leave and come back when their child’s class is over.

  • How do I know what class is best fit for my child?

    • We offer combination classes to allow children to explore their options to see what they enjoy the most. The 3 & 4 combination class covers tap, ballet, and tumbling. The 5 & 6 and the 7 & above combination classes cover tap, jazz, and tumbling. This is a great starter class and allows your child to grow from there.

  • What performances will my child be in?

    • We have two main annual dance recitals, a christmas recital and a spring recital. During christmas time perform and multiple assisted living homes, the mall Easter weekend, and the fair in the summertime. We also take part in the fair parade.

  • How do I enroll my child in competition classes?

    • Tryouts for the competition team take place in June and classes run all year round. Some dance experience is recommended. Please ask an instructor if you are interested.

  • Where does the competition team travel to?

    • Competitions are usually hosted in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho or Greatfalls, Montana. We go to one competition per year.

  • Are classes offered to boys and girls?

    • Yes, we encourage boys and girls to express their passion for dance.