Kalispell Styles of Dance 

At Dream Dancers Dance Studio we believe in teaching a wide variety of dance to allow dancers to explore the many styles of dance. As they continue their journey with us and try more styles of dance, they become more well rounded dancers. This benefits them if they continue on to workshops, halftime performances, and more. One of the most thrilling experiences is watching our dancers succeed and blossom into beautiful young dancers. We believe that we can teach just about anyone any of these styles of dance, so don’t be afraid to try them out!


Mommy & Me~ Children need music and movement in their life starting at infancy. This class is a perfect way to allow your little one to explore their body, songs, and musical instruments while also getting focused bonding time with their parents. This class is for infants age 6 months to 2 years.


 Jazz - beginning through advanced training available in technique, choreography, and performance including classical, musical theatre, and contemporary styles. This style of dance is a great way to have fun and really get your body moving to upbeat, exhilarating music.


Hip Hop - freestyle movement derived from Jazz that develops rhythm, coordination, and self-expression. This is a hard hitting style of dance incorporating popping, locking, levels, and some break dancing/ tumbling. 


 Tap - beginning through advanced training in technique, choreography, and performance while focusing on rhythmic precision and musicality development.


Ballet - foundation of all dance forms, essential in developing the complete dancer as it cultivates grace with strength while the dancer discovers control and balance; beginning through advanced training to develop a dancers technique and flexibility used in all styles of dance.


 Lyrical - training that combines elements of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz in a contemporary interpretation that captures the choreographer's vision as the dancer physically and emotionally expresses connection with the music.


Tumbling - Our introduction to dance, mobility and learning fundamental movements that will help with the progressions of future dance styles. Tumbling will enhance flexibility and enable the dancers to learn advanced tricks.


Adult Dance- This class is specifically for parents or anyone over the age of 18. It is a combined style of dance involving jazz and hip hop that allows you to have a lot of fun while learning the basic concepts of dance. Dancing does not have to be just for kids! You are never to old to enjoy to dance.

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